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Pulmonary Internists
Suite 301, Levinson Plaza 2 Lincoln Highway
Edison, NJ 08820
Phone: (732) 549-7380

Patient Information

What to Bring to Your Visit

  • Accurate insurance information/insurance identification card

  • Name/address of pharmacy or mail-away prescription plan

  • Co-pay in the form of cash, check, MC, or Visa

  • Driver's License

  • Referral from your primary doctor if we are your specialist

  • Results from any recent hospitalization/ER visit

  • X-rays or CAT scans -- either films or computer disc (request these from the facility at which the scans were performed). Drop off disks at office before visit.

  • Medication card with up-to-date list of medications/doses

  • Prescriptions and Refills
  • All prescriptions will be sent electronically to your pharmacy or mail away plan during your visit

  • A maximum of a three-months supply with one refill will be provided

  • Prescriptions/refills will not be called into the pharmacy; therefore, be sure to obtain refills at your visit

  • Prescriptions will not be refilled when the office is closed

  • We do not prescribe narcotics or anti-anxiety medications for long-term use

  • Forms/Medical Records
  • Medical records will be faxed free of charge to another health care provider

  • Copies of medical records are available at a cost of one dollar per page (pre-payment required)

  • Medical records will not be faxed directly to patients